Sunday, November 28, 2010

I Will Walk 500 Miles...

...and I will bike 500 more.

And if you are hearing the old "Proclaimers" song in your head, you have it right. But this is bigger than a pop song's promise. It's about fighting Multiple Sclerosis.

So here's the deal: my promise is to log 500 miles by April 16th, the date I'll be joining thousands of volunteers in the National Capital Chapter's Walk MS event on June 16th.

And I'll  log 500 more by the time the National Capital MS Society holds its June Beyond the Beltway biking event.

I'll use a combination of activities, biking and walking to reach that goal. One, because I like to mix it up, and two, because the April fundraiser is a walk, the June fundraiser is a bike ride.

This is where you come in. You can help me raise money for the National Capital Chapter of the MS Society. You can donate by the mile, you can donate by the month, you can just kick in whatever you can, whenever you can. I've started a fundraising page that makes it easy.

Can you help me reach my goal of giving MS a serious kick in the pants? We do it with dollars. Research dollars. MS is a disease that can be treated, but I'd love to see the day come when it's a disease that's relegated to medical history books. And research is helping that day come.

My promise to you is that I walk the walk...and ride that bike. I'll report my progress to you regularly. And there will be no fudging of the numbers: I'll be using an iPhone app that logs everything from my mileage to my pace.

I've already started. I logged 5.4 miles today. I'm on my way. Are you with me?

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