Monday, November 29, 2010

Daily Download: Early Mileage

Some days are walking days, some days are biking days. Today, with a need to get some grocery shopping done, and some work on the Trek needed at one of my favorite local shops, it was bike day.

Today's mileage: 11 miles on the bike.

Grand total so far, 16.4.

Only 483.6 more to go on the first leg of my 1,000 mile journey. Remember: it's 500 by April 16th and another 500 more by June 11.

16.4...It's a start, just like my modest fundraising goal of $500. I'm betting on all of you doing just a little bit and helping me make an impact. Here's the place to do it:

My MS Walk fundraising page

No contribution is too small, and every contribution gets the MS Society closer to its goal of beating this disease.

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