Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Problem with Blogging: Not Blogging...

I'm not egocentric enough to think that anyone's sitting by the light of their computer screen waiting breathlessly for the next blog entry, but since I have the work ethic of a border collie--which is to say finding the off switch is tricky-- I tend to feel bad when not blogging more regularly. As in daily. Or close to it.

There's a boatload of bike-centric news out there, but I admit to being totally distracted by my latest birthday. And the party that came with it. A lovely affair, if I do say so myself. But one that has me thinking, can I get more biking in over the course of the next year? And of course, the answer is yes. The real question is: will I? And I have decided the answer is, of course, yes. 

Like most of us here in the United States, the bike was something I grew up with-- and out of. By that I mean, there came a time when bikes were given up for cars. Bikes were seen as toys for children who were advised to stick to the sidewalks. I  still remember getting a lecture from my mom after someone called her to say I'd been riding in the streets of my New Jersey town. In the streets! 

And now, with a change that may or may not be a long-term one (I remember the installation, and then the destruction of bike lanes in NYC under then-Mayor Ed Koch) it's possible to do more on bikes. You can enjoy a local trail for your workout, commute to the job, head the the grocery store--the infrastructure that's blooming (or erupting, depending on your perspective) allows you to do these things more often and more comfortably.

And in the year ahead, I plan on doing just that. 

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