Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bike-Car Communication: Not Always a Single Finger Salute...

When discussing this blog with a bike advocate, I heard him say he hoped it wouldn't devolve into a "car vs bike" blog with U-locks and coffee cups hurled over handlebars or launched from rolled-down windows.

Happy to say, it hasn't. At least I hope this blog doesn't appear to do that. Instead, I've been interested in what works, and how we can get to where we're going--mostly on time, and completely intact.

And today was one of those days where I once again found that gestures helped. Not the kind that can lead to road rage and a police report, but the kind that tell the other guy what you're up to. Some examples:

Thanks to the driver who, upon discovering she needed to slide into the right lane from the left, turned on her blinker before doing so,  then actually checked for traffic in the right lane before making her move. This was in marked contrast to the cabbie who decided to make a sudden U-turn on a downhill on Wisconsin Avenue, nearly taking out cars in both directions.

Thanks to the drivers who didn't try to lane-share or press me into the dreaded 'door zone' as we all  threaded our way through rush hour traffic.

Thanks to the bike cop who waved as we headed in opposite directions on the road. It wasn't a necessary traffic signal, just a nice friendly gesture.

Yes, these things really do happen. Sometimes the forces of goodness and niceness really do win. Even in traffic in this town.

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