Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bike Lanes: You're soaking in them!

Note to self: when you wake up and see a fair amount of cloud cover, but the rain holds off? Go for it!

Do not have that second cup of coffee. Or you will pay when the skies open up. As I did because they did. 

Still, the cool air felt good (I am not a fan of the hot and humid. Any weather that produces insects that grow to the size of housecats is not for me so a dip in the temp will get me out even when downpours are in the forecast) and people were in pretty good humor at the farmer's market and in shops along the way.

I did take a detour to check out the new bike lane configurations at New Hamshire and 16th Street...whipped out my camera only to find: I'd failed to put the freshly charged battery in the carefully protected camera. Doh! Journalism 101: check your gear before you get in gear--even when you're off the clock.

So, what's the verdict on the lights? I tend toward 'vehicular' riding: stopping at stop signs, stop lights, etc and have been nearly rear-ended on more than one occasion--not by cars but by cyclists. So I kinda like the lights. I suspect that if drivers see cyclists given the infrastructure that calls on them to follow the rules of the road more closely, cyclists may get more of a break on the roads. Am I right/naive/crazy?

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