Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hey You Kids! Get Off Those Bikes!

No riding those bikes in the tunnel under the station here in Leuven. The transit cops will get you. 

Friday in the university town of Leuven means a packed train station. Instead of staying on campus or in town, students high-tail it home for free meals, cash infusions and no-cost laundry facilities provided by Mom and Dad. 

It's tempting to zoom down the spacious ramp into the station on your bike, but just a bit insane with the crowds here. I don't know what the fine/penalties are for failing to get off your bike, but steep enough it seemed to get most people off and walking their bikes into the train station.

Leuven is also known You know Stella-Artois I bet, but there are some others here that should be investigated. WTOP's Beer of the Week host Brennan Haselton would be disappointed in me: I did not get to these tours. Too many to choose from, too little time. 

I'll get you out of this tunnel and up to the suface in my next report. Now it's back to Ghent (here it's Gent) for more time on the bike.

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