Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sidewalk Social Scientists

Got thoughts on rules on riding on the sidewalk? Concerns about bike parking? Bike lanes? Of course you do!

What do you do with those thoughts and concerns?
Check out the DC Bicycle Advisory Council's blog for where to take them.
Hint: meeting Thursday night.

Got thoughts on flying with a Brompton?
(Pedal harder not the answer I'm looking for.)

I've scoured the internet and see all kinds of responses to this admittedly very, very first-world problem. The staff at Bicycle Space has patiently listened as I go on and on about what I should do as I get ready to take a trip with or without my beloved Brompton.  The shop's Erik Kugler shared his experience with me. He says take it naked--it worked for him. The bike, people, the bike was naked.

Seriously, I've been obsessing over how to fly/whether to fly with the Brompton, etc. So if anyone's had experience, I'd love to hear more. And no matter what I decide, I'll let  you know how it goes.


  1. Wish I had advice for you, but I've only traveled with a Bike Friday. BUT if you want to bike on your trip, I say find a way to make it work and see how it goes!

  2. Will do, and will put it on the record here.

  3. I have a Brompton and have flown with it twice so far...both overseas. Once with Air Canada - no problem to or fro. The other (I don't remember the airline), I didn't have to pay one way, but ended up having to pay $300 the other way. :( Both times I had my Brompton in the totally enclosed (zippered all around) Brompton bag I had bought. The check-in counter lady asked bluntly "Is this a bike?" I said yes...I felt if I said no, she would just unzipper the bag and I would be caught. Another Brompton owner I know said to tell them that the bag fits the dimensions of checked luggage, and therefore is luggage. So I guess I can try that line next time....but good luck with your flight...let us know.

  4. Wow, thanks for that, Char. So far, so good. Will post my experience in on the way back, but when I checked in on the airline (I won't name it til I get back, in part because of what happened on the second leg of your journey.) I had no trouble at all. No question from the check-in staff. That could be due to the fact that the young couple in front of me plopped a bag on the check-in scale that looked to have oh, perhaps two bodies in it. No kidding. There was a bit of back and forth as the young man sought desperately to insist that he had a total of two bags, so there should be no additional fee. More on that in my post.