Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Woman Dies After Cyclist Strikes Her on Four Mile Run

This news from the Arlington Now website:

And here's the Arlington County report:

This is a very disturbing bit of news. It's still under investigation. Given more traffic is out on the trails in the summer season and the growing popularity of cycling, it seems a very good time to ask that we all review how we operate on the roads and trails out there. And I'll refer back to some earlier posts on safety.

(Note: the posts below refer to the Cap Crescent Trail, but trail use rules and regulations are similar. The CCT has a speed limit for bikes--Four Mile Run does not.)




  1. Kate, i fully agree with your concerns, and i'd like to suggest that perhaps you are in an exceptional position to produce a few public service announcements about trail etiquette, stressing keeping right and signalling when passing. You might save a life or two!

    And more broadly, maybe it's time for a general PSA campaign; perhaps WABA or LAB could coordinate something, or even CaBi.

  2. Thanks, you are very kind, but as a reporter, I walk a fine line with a blog. So I have to leave real advocacy to the advocates. But you've got some good suggestions here that I will take back to our public affairs director. And a look at many of the local blogs here, such as Greater Greater Washington and The WashCycle shows that the discussion is very much alive. I was especially impressed with some of the responses to how to better notify each other on the roadways.