Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heads Up: More on the Great Cranial Debate

To hard-top or not to hard-top, that is the question. Whether 'tis wiser to strap on a helmet before taking to the road--or not.

Sick to death of the helmet debate?


As someone who is not crazy about wearing a helmet, but does when on my own bikes here at home, I think this is worth a read: organizers of cycling outings in Scotland change their policy on helmets.

I'm fascinated by this in part because the stats on both sides can show such wildly different pictures. (I know, I know,  stats can be manipulated, and you're right but...)

I  also get anecdotal evidence on both sides (the kid whose head was lodged in a windshield, but simply unlatched the chin strap of his helmet and walked away, the rider who sustained additional neck injuries because of the visor of the helmet, etc.) So, I remain interested in the topic.

Where do you stand/sit on the topic? Are you an "Always", "Never" or "When it seems smart" helmet user?

 Oh, and just because, VeloCityCat, otherwise known as Meisje, is telling me it's time to get off the chair and head out the door...


  1. Here's what Melanie Suzanne wrote:

    Hi Kate,

    (I'm catching up on the blogs...)

    I was an "always" after having a pretty traumatic crash with another cyclists that put both of us in the ER last year. The EMTs thanked me over and over for wearing a helmet. They said that, based on the damage to my helmet, if I'd been bare-headed I would have needed a medevac instead of an ambulance ride.

    Lately though, I've started going bare-headed for short rides around the neighborhood and when riding my single speed cruiser on the local multi-use path. My husband, who is super safety conscious and fretted over me as I recovered from last year's crash, would read me the riot act if he knew. I do, however, always wear my helmet when on my hybrid or road bike and if I'm on non-residential streets.

    1. After that first experience, I am happy to see you're back on a bike at all. This is a tough debate. I can see both sides, but I don't blame those who opt out of the helmet. I find fault with those who ignore all common sense and most road rules (some road rules/laws defy common sense) and put others in danger by their actions. If you cause a crash, your helmet-wearing really doesn't help the other injured party.
      Stay safe, and stay well!

  2. I am of the "always wear a helmet" group. A helmet has saved me numerous times - either from a low branch, to falling off my bike due to road conditions, to stupid acts of my own, to inattentive drivers, etc. I don't really see a reason NOT to wear a helmet.

  3. I am of the group "Always wear a helmet". It has saved me numerous times. I can't really see a reason NOT to wear one. When you fall, your head is often the first or second thing that hits. It only makes sense to protect it. :)

  4. It's an interesting debate and one that's heating up in Vancouver at the Velo-City 2012 conference. Stay tuned. And stay safe.