Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Something So Precious"

(image courtesy of Bike Maryland)

That's how Tami Bensky describes what was taken from her when her husband, Larry Bensky, was killed while out on a recreational ride with a friend in April of 2010.

I first saw Tami Bensky sitting at a witness table in Annapolis where she waited nervously to testify before a House committee. Her voice was steady until she explained that the driver who killed her husband walked away with a fine, because Maryland law treated vehicular manslaughter as a traffic offense. The law was changed, in part due to the people like Tami Bensky who pushed for that change.

You'll hear that testimony here. And then you'll hear how Tami Bensky continues to try to make the roads safer for all cyclists, despite the fact that she's not a biker herself. She explains she's not anti-car. She's a suburban mom who like so many, depends on her car for her family's transportation needs. She just doesn't want anyone else to experience the loss she did. You can find out more about the event that was established in her husband's memory; Larry's Ride and Run also raises funds for Bike Maryland, the same group that brings you Tour de Port, a great way to get to know Baltimore.

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