Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Year Later: Remembering Natasha Pettigrew

Natasha Pettigrew's mom, Kenniss Henry, who was among those who fought for a change to Maryland's vehicular manslaughter law in Annapolis during the Maryland Legislative session, held a special gathering to remember her late daughter on Sunday night.

Friends, family, and people who were inspired by Pettigrew --she was running for Maryland Senate as a member of the Green Party when she was killed in 2010--gathered to share memories of the 30 year old.

Natasha Pettigrew was training for a triathlon when she was struck and killed in September of last year while riding her bike along Maryland Rt 202.

Prosecutors can't comment on the case, but it's believed that charges will be filed in the hit and run. There were reportedly no eyewitnesses to the crash--the woman who identified herself as the driver of the SUV that struck Pettigrew said she thought she hit a deer. When she got to her home in Upper Marlboro and found a bike lodged beneath the undercarriage of her car, that's when she reportedly called police.

Without an eyewitness to the crash, it's not clear that a charge of manslaughter by motor vehicle could be filed--there are laws against leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and failing to render aid in an accident resulting in death.

The vehicular manslaughter bill that Henry lobbied for allows for jail time in cases of crashes resulting in death. Previously, deadly crashes in Maryland resulted in fines for drivers.

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