Friday, February 18, 2011

Is This You?

Last Sunday I was just floored by the number of folks who had settled into the bike lanes for a long winter's nap--for their cars! (think the voice of Triumph the Insult-Comic dog here).

I know that Washington is seen as the home of entitlement, I get that. But what got me was the sense that these folks weren't pulling in to unload heavy items, or drop off Aunt Tilly who uses a walker. Look, I've seen folks block a bike lane temporarily, and while irritating, it's well, it's usually momentary. As in a minute or two. But this was, well, you had to drive down a long lane of bollards to settle your car in here, and you weren't back in 5 minutes. So what's up with that?

Someone else has spent a lot of time and effort trying to draw attention to the problem of bike lane hogs. Check it out.

I got a nice bit of encouragement from RAAM2011 in a past post, in which he complimented me for trying to foster niceness, and I have to say, especially as a teacher in a high school classroom, I pushed that agenda hard, but sometimes, you just want to know: how is it ok to be so rude?

I hate to invoke the mom card, but I will. Because my mom taught me better than that.

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