Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Humane Heroes...

Sure, I was both honored and flattered to receive one of the Washington Humane Society's "Humane Hero" awards at the fabulous Sugar and Champagne event held by WHS, but  the real humane heroes are the volunteers, staffers and officers who work diligently to save the lives of animals--domestic and wild--and who help to educate all of us so we can be the best possible stewards of the animals who grace our lives in so many ways.

So here's another chance for you to recognize those folks, and maybe consider sharing your home with an animal who is waiting to find a forever home.* Check the shelters in your area, I'm sure they'd be able to hook you up ;)

*Fun fact: I followed in the footsteps of my dad in two ways. Like him, I went into broadcasting. Like him, I covered a story at a local animal shelter and brought home more than the story. (See below)

In my father's case, he brought home a big galoot of a Shepherd mix puppy who was the dog with the greatest, most generous heart I've ever had in a home. In my case, I brought home the cutest, most quirky cat I've ever had. That was 19 years ago. Miss Minky (her original name) is pictured here, and yes, this is a recent picture. She likes to say "19 is the new kittenhood."

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