Friday, September 24, 2010

Friends and Family Hold Vigil for Cyclist Killed on Rt 202


If you haven't seen Natasha Pettigrew's campaign website, take a look. Not for the political content, but for how it gives a flavor of who the woman behind the headlines was. 

Here's what Natasha Pettigrew wrote on the "Personal" section of her site:

"During my free time I enjoy swimming, biking, and running.  I was never happier than when I found out about triathlon, which puts all three sports together at once as a sporting event.  When I am not training for a triathlon, I enjoy knitting and crocheting blankets to give to those who need them, and I enjoy reading.  When our schedules allow, I spend as much time as I can with my friends.  However, law school sometimes makes that difficult.  My greatest joy is spending time with Bill.  No matter how stressful a day gets, his wagging tail and pure joy about everything in life make me smile."

Bill wasn't your average, ordinary hound. According to her site, Bill was the family's 11-year old, 3-legged Chocolate Lab. 

Dozens turned out to honor the memory of Natasha Pettigrew. I was still finishing work on a variety of assignments and weekenders for WTOP, so was unable to get out and cover it. But you can see info on the WTOP website. 

Family friend John Clendenin tells WTOP that the vigil will be held off Rt 202 in Largo, not far from the crash scene, but I'm working to pin down a bit more in the way of precise location/ direction. The vigil will start at 6pm.

Reporting on this now for WTOP, will file more here later. The vigil for Natasha Pettigrew, the cyclist and Green Party candidate for US Senate, will be ON the property of the Prince George's County Community College, not far from the crash scene were 30 year-old Natasha Pettigrew was killed. Details to follow.

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