Friday, September 17, 2010

Capital BikeShare Set to Roll Into Town

Capital BikeShare, the pick-up-drop-off bike network that will provide a way to get around town*, gets ready to roll, literally, on Monday.

Normally I'm not a joiner, but I was among the first to send in for a membership and a key to test this. Though I'm the owner of multiple bikes (one for home, one for office, ok and one or two more because bikes are my Blahniks. Nothing can cause me to come to a dead stop on a sidewalk---on foot of course--like a shop window full of shiny, two-wheeled objects.) I wanted to sign up to try this out. I've seen these systems in Paris and Brussels, and talked to folks who loved them. I'm eager to see whether this can really work in Washington.

 Will more bikes in more places mean more parking spaces for those of you who travel by car? Will it mean less congestion for all of us? Or will drivers complain of ever more cyclists on the roadway, road-savvy or otherwise?

I may be assigned to cover the roll-out on Monday, or if news breaks elsewhere, I will have to depend on listeners and participants to give me their feedback. Let me know what you think.

*No disrespect, Virginia, I see the Arlington connection in my Capital BikeShare literature.

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