Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Just up the, really"

Pedi-cabbers with National Pedicabs work the opening of the new "Social Safeway". People love the pedi-cabs, but it's just for the grand opening. You can catch a pedi-cab on the Mall, and these guys will be happy to haul you around, giving you tips, trivia and just good coversation along the way. During the opening of the Safeway, the pedicabs were plenty busy. One cabbie told me a very nice lady told him her home was "Just up the hill..." then it was "Just around the corner..." I'm sure it seems "just around the corner" when you're not the one pedaling the 175 lb cab plus occupant plus cargo (groceries). He ended up by the Woodley-Park Metro stop. Can you say screaming quads? Ouch! Hope she tipped him well.

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