Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Non-Bike News Week...

 ...For me, but a big Bike News Week ahead for well, for bikes and people who love them.

Check out the agenda for the National Bike Summit this coming week here in DC. 

Heck, it's even going to be a big news week for people who hate people who love bikes. That's because the policies and brainstorming and networking that happens at conferences like will no doubt have some impact on what happens in communities working on the bike-pedestrian-transit-auto balance.

Sunday I'll post audio from the week so you can see what I've been up to on the clock at WTOP. I don't know that I'll get a chance to cover the Bike Summit, it would be fun to check it out, but some of the same big issues that kept us busy at WTOP will likely continue to be, well, big issues next week too.

I'm trying to get my bike mileage up, and Sunday's going to be my best bet. To ride, and to get soaking wet. Any favorite tips for riding in rain? I've got the GoreTex ready to rock and roll, but I'm curious...

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